At The Prairie Bistro it’s all about the food!  From mid April to the end of June we serve lunch daily at The Flower House Garden Center. We also cater special events both on site and off. Homemade soups, sandwiches and salads are our lunch specialties. We grill a pretty awesome steak and the halibut is  out of this world! Check out our menu for lunch as well as our special dinners, such as Valentine’s Day,  March Madness, Dirty Dining or our Garden Party.

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  1. Sonja- I would like to thank you for the lovely dinner you served our family last night (June 8). The food was delicious and you are an awesome hostess! I am anxious to get my new plants in the ground. Holly Lyons

    • Thanks for asking, Mary! We are one mile west and one half mile south of Mohall. 9243 38th Ave NW.

      We do not have a specific gluten free menu but there are several lunch items which fit that category and most of our dinner menu is not made with gluten. However, we do run a bakery so there is gluten present in our kitchen.

      We would love to have you come try us out!

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