Tree Pruning Clinic in Lansford


Hands on tree pruning clinic in Lansford on May 7th from 6:30-8 pm at the North Park Playground.
Bring your pruning shears, lopper or hand saw.
Learn how to prune your trees correctly and safely.

Instructed by Leslie Johnson, Bottineau County Forester, Assisted by Bottineau County Master Gardeners.
Call Kitty @ 701-263-1922

We are getting excited!


Woo-hoo! It’s almost here! In 6 more days The Flower House Garden Center officially opens.


We are excited because the sun is shining and the temperature is rising.

Voltage Yellow Osteo

And the flowers are starting to share their sunshine, also!




And lunch will soon be served!

Should I or shouldn’t I?

Spring is officially here. It is teasing us with rapidly disappearing snow and the occasional warm day. It is so tempting to get out and see what is brave enough to peek through after this miserable winter. heuchera

While it is sooooo tempting to clear away the dead leaves and other debris and give those tiny green sprouts some sun, please wait! Winter’s grip is not completely relaxed. These tender plants still need the protection that last year’s leaves and stems and even snow provide.

Did you know that our bitter cold temperatures do not kill perennials nearly as often as fluctuation in temperature does? When the temperature warms, plants start to think it is spring and juices start flowing. Sudden drops in temperature cause then shock the poor things and often kill or seriously set plants, trees and shrubs back.


That doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy the sunshine and get some yard work done. This is the perfect time to prune trees and shrubs – before the sap starts to move.

Pruning (2)

Trim away branches that are touching.

Pruning (1)

Also prune off water shoots. These are branches that shoot straight up from a branch. They are unproductive and waste energy.

As fun as it is to trim and cut and shape, remember never to remove more than one third of the growth of the tree or shrub you are working on.

So, yes, you should prune now, no, you shouldn’t clean up too much.




Workshop Availability

container planting (3)

Many of you have called for space in the Container Workshops and the Dirty Dining.

container planting (14)

While some of the sessions are full we have had quite a few cancellations. 🙁

container planting (19)

We’d love to have you come play in the dirt with us this spring!

Annie Grann

Kids, too.

All of the workshops, with the exception of the Saturday morning slot, still have openings.

Dirty Dining:

April 11 – we have room for 5

April 18 – room for 9

April 19 – room for 3

April 26 – room for 9

And we have room for 1 more family for Planter Playday for Kids!



Do you see what I see?


Mark and I made a quick trip down to the Mouse River Park this afternoon. Look what I found! A tough little heuchera peeking through last year’s foliage.

Spring Fever Garden Forum

Check this out! Looks like a great lineup of speakers and topics. See you there!

Spring Fever flyer (2)Spring Fever brochure2014

Who’s the Boss?

Boss Soni

I’m not sure she was listening to me even then!

Easy being green!

carts full of liners

It turned green this week! Thousands of liners came in and are waiting for transplant.

Lysimachia liners

Goldilocks Lysimachia are waiting to spill over the edge of a basket or pot.

Heuchera liners

Isn’t this color gorgeous? Proven Winners Heuchera Dolce Cinnamon Curls.

Mabel Grey

Have you ever rubbed the leaf of a lemon-scented geranium? Walk into Ruby’s House right now and that is all you smell! Jeanie has been taking cuttings and we are oh-so patiently waiting for them to root out.

Lemon Basil Seedlings

Do you sense a lemon-scented theme? The first seedlings are poking through.

Frog trio

I’m not much of a frog fan, but these little guys make me smile every time I walk by!

In like a Lion

Yesterday dawned at -32 degrees. But that is good news. In like a Lion, out like a Lamb, right?

And it is official. Within the flimsy plastic walls of The Flower House Garden Center it is Spring! This afternoon I fired up the heaters. Tomorrow the girls get to get their hands dirty and start filling flats.


We will start seeding peppers, get the water system set up and install the temperature alarms. As soon as the first plants arrive, we’ll let you know!