Baby, it’s still cold outside! If you purchase plants early and there is still a threat of frost, please DO NOT keep your plants in the house! Even a sunny window does not provide enough light for outdoor plants. The best way to handle frost sensitive plants is to keep them outside during the day (as long as it is above freezing) and bring them in at night. Wagons work great for this.

All vegetables, herbs, and flats of mixed varieties: we will hold for 7 days for no charge. Plants must be paid for in advance. If any of your plants suffer loss during this time, we will replace them or refund your money for that item. Plants MUST be picked up within 7 days! Items not picked up will be put back out for sale.

Packs and 4.5” pots 8 or more of the same species: for $10 per flat we will hold your plants for a longer period.

Pots 5.25” and larger: $2 per pot.

Pre-made Hanging Baskets and combination Planters, perennials and nursery stock: no charge for holding.

Planters and hanging basket created by guests at classes and Potting Up Bench: $10 per pot and $7 per hanging basket.

All plants, hanging baskets, and planters must be picked up by Saturday, May 28. Items not picked up will be put back out for sale.

We apologize for any inconvenience. However, we find it very difficult to keep your plants in the top -quality condition we pride ourselves in and you expect of us when plants are not in their proper growing locations in the greenhouse. The increased labor involved in providing the proper care and replacing plants has become prohibitive.

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