Cool, New, Fun!

Just a few of our new items for this spring!


Petunia ‘Night Sky’ has a unique splash of color on a deep blue background. The name was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting Starry Starry Night. The amount of white will change as the season changes. This one will be fun to watch!

Petunia Supertunia Honey

Petunia ‘Supertunia Honey’ is a warm mix of yellows, oranges and pink.


Kniphofia ‘Poco Red’, more commomly know as Torch Lily.  Although perennial elsewhere (NOT HERE!) we are growing this funky plant as a Thriller container plant or for your full sun flower bed. It loves heat and drought.


Gaillardia ‘Red Sun’. Broad petaled “suns” of hot orange-red float over the mounding foliage of this blanket-flower. It is hardy to zone 3 but we plan on using it as an annual in containers, as well as in our well drained perennial beds.

Balsamic Blooms Basil

Basil ‘Balsamic Blooms’ is both edible and decorative. Flavors range from mint (blooms) to sweet basil (leaves). Plant in pots to enjoy in your outdoor living space or in your garden for a lush harvest!


Pansiola is a fun blend of pansy and viola! Great for hanging baskets and planters.

Go-Go Speckled Pink Dahlia Go-Go Two Tone Red Dahlia

Dahlia Go-Go Series ‘Speckled’ and ‘Two-Tone Red’ are a new introduction which make a great stand-alone plant or thriller in your large containers.

Calibrochoa Close Up! Calibrochoa Magenta Mayhem

Calibrochoa ‘Close Up!’ (left) and ‘Magenta Mayhem’ (right) add a soft semi-double and unique splash of color to our lineup of ‘million bells’ type of flowers.

Little Zin Hibiscus

Hibiscus ‘Little Zin’ is like the ‘Mahogany Splendor’ we have carried for years, except it is more compact and dense-a bit more controllable in containers!

Gerbera Bengal Mix

Gerbera ‘Bengal Mix’ is super-cool! This showy daisy is much bigger than its older siblings. The blossoms and foliage outgrow the normal gerbs and they come in six colors. Be sure not to over crowd gerbera daisies to get the most bloom for your buck.

Begonia Unstoppable Fire

Begonia ‘Unstoppable Fire’ makes a statement with bright orange open flowers and dark foliage. They do well in part sun or part shade.

Dianthus Jolt Cherry

Dianthus ‘Jolt Cherry’ is very floriferous! It is lightly fragrant and will do well either in a large container or making a bold statement in a front flower bed. It also makes a fabulous cut flower!

Bidens Bee-Dance Painted Red

Bidens ‘Bee-Dance Painted Red’ shouts out summer time! The two-tone blossoms cover a very aggressive plant that loves heat and sun.






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  1. Would like any perennial hibiscus, the large Gerber daisies, & the basil balsamic bloom. Leaving AZ on the 15th. Hope to be out the following week. Thx 🙂

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