Favorite Child

I have to admit I am really fickle when it comes to which flowers are my favorite. I mean, I love pansies in the spring. Well, always, actually, but especially in the spring.


And daffodils always make me happy.


‘Siloam Amazing Grace’ Daylily is an all-time summer favorite.

Amazing Grace (1024x679)

As is ‘Conc d’Or’ lily. Smells heavenly and is soooo majestic! (do you notice a color preference?)Conch d or

But I think that my all-time fav (at least for now) is ‘Coral Charm’ peony. The color is so unique. It isn’t orange. It isn’t red. It isn’t pink. It is a true, bright coral.

Coral charm Peony

Another ‘charming’ thing about Coral Charm is that she isn’t expensive. Although after we all have been watching her bloom, the supply might get awfully short!

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