What to do?

So we are supposed to come to this show to help us figure out what to order for next year. Yeah, right. Can’t we have them all?

Scentropia Heliotrope

This cute little Scentopia Heliotrope?

Crazytunia Terracotta Petunia

This Crazytunia Terracotta is tempting.

Sanguna Radiant Blue Petunia 2

Saguna Radiant Blue caught my eye.


Sunpatiens Blush Pink had a nice contrast between the blossom and leaves.


Kaitlin had a her eye on Marvel Great Purple Petunia.

Judy says we can’t have all of them. So which ones do you like?

4 Comments on “What to do?”

  1. I think Kaitlin has a good choice. Great purple and the sun patient in blush. That’s as narrowed as I can get. Oh and we hafta have the picture from yesterday that Judi liked.

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